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Heather Unruh_Nantucket Coppersmith working with copper



Copper becomes my canvas, as I hammer in characteristic details and then layer on oxidizing agents which give each piece an original, authentic patina. Patination is a balance of art and science, and I find it very satisfying to express with both form and finish. I work with a local finish carpenter who custom-makes the frames.

Moby Dick

This is the biggest whale I have ever created. The story of Moby Dick is part of Nantucket lore. Author Herman Melville was inspired by the true story of Nantucket whaler, Captain Pollard of the ill-fated Essex ship.


Dimensions 74”w x 29”t


Whale in Blue Frame


Sperm whales are my most sought-after copper pieces. I love the way this one pops, set on this beautiful Naval blue custom frame created by a local finish carpenter.


Dimensions 52”w x 20”t

Sanderling Pipers


This piece is a first. I am constantly inspired by Nantucket Island’s lovely shorebirds. I can watch the Sanderlings for hours as they run along the sandy beaches feeding. 


Dimensions 14”w x 34” h

Jo Duce

“When I saw Heather’s Octopus, I knew that I had to have it. Looking at it made me feel happy. The colors and texture are just brilliant. It’s an exceptional piece of art that I look forward to waking up to every morning. I love it!” 
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