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What people who have worked with Heather Unruh are saying about the experience

"Heather is the most qualified news anchor in broadcasting today.  Her passion for her work has touched millions of lives throughout the years.  Her honesty and integrity as a journalist is conveyed each day through the television medium.  She is an incredible mother and wife and a great friend."

Michael Bogart, Founder/Managing Partner at Podium Strategic Partners LLC

"You are taught to not like the competition.  That's hard when you compete against Heather.  Heather is such a class act and she is now a dear friend.  There are not many in the world that are as true as Heather.  She is as real as it gets.  I'd hire Heather in a moment.  She is loyal, talented and an incredible professional."

Sharon Fanto, Group Vice President at Cox Media

"I have never engaged with a more compassionate advocate and dedicated journalist who was truly invested in not only telling patient stories in an empathic way but who always had a quest to give her audience an understanding and appreciation for the scientists on the forefront of technology and biology of medical advancements.  Heather is truly a pro and her presence in the journalism field, albeit medical or general news coverage of daily events that impact our society, has been truly missed."

Katie Marquedant, Media Relations Specialist/Massachusetts General Hospital

"It has been my pleasure to work with Heather on Charitable events for many years-we plan; she hosts!  Ever the professional, Heather combines her knowledge, know how and skills with honesty, sincerity and a bit of humor- a professional/personal "balancing act" which has proven time and time again to be a winning combination.  Heather studies her subject matter prior to the event, comes prepared and keeps her audience well informed, engaged and entertained throughout the program-no easy task, and one she performs so seemingly effortlessly and flawlessly."

Linda Matzkin, President at Hopple Popple, Inc.

"I first met and worked with Heather when she began her career at WCVB-TV as an intern.  She was an immediate stand-out: smart, inquisitive and eager to learn.  Those first impressions depicted an aspiring journalist who went on to fulfill the expectations of the people with whom she worked.  From those early days, Heather became a hard worker whose daily commitment helped NewsCenter 5 achieve- and maintain- a dominance in the competitive world of television news.  She distinguished herself as a wonderful writer, a compassionate story teller and member of the Boston community whose heart showed through her words and deeds.  Heather's fortitude and strength of character have become her trademarks - her reputation admired by many."

Susan Wornick, Former WCVB Colleague

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