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Much of the copper I use is reclaimed from old Nantucket homes adding character while reducing excessive waste. The striking patina on each handmade copper piece is uniquely oxidized to create a one-of-a-kind weathered look. A portion of my proceeds supports reputable organizations advancing lasting change to create a healthy ocean.

Creating copper Humpback whales and whale tails has become a particular passion of mine. I spend hours on our boat studying them in their natural environment, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary located off the coast of Cape Cod.

These incredibly gentle giants have been on the endangered species list for decades and I feel compelled to be part of efforts to raise awareness, celebrate them and protect them from harm. We are respectful and careful not to disturb these gorgeous creatures. We put our boat in neutral for hours as they circle around us playfully breaching, fin slapping and diving. To observe their curious eyes, their deep grooves, barnacles and enormous pectoral fins and magnificent tails from 10 feet away is nothing short of inspiring. And to hear and feel their thunderous breathing reverberate through you is an extraordinary experience.

Humback whale in a marine sanctuary coming up out of the water.
Marine Videos

Hover over one of the marine life below videos to view, or click to expand and play with sound. Some browsers may require you to manually allow sound.

Reputable tax-exempt organizations that I support: plays a key role in preserving clean, healthy water uses storytelling, campaigns, and crowdfunding to restore the ocean and tackle the climate crisis funds scientific research through the non-profit Ocean Alliance to protect a whale we see frequently in Stellwagen Bank has a mission to protect all whales and their ocean environment

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