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Heather Unruh, Nantucket Coppersmith artist holding one of her copper whale sculptures
Nantucket island shaped copper sculpture by Nantucket Coppersmith
Whale tail copper sculpture in a patina finish of shades of blue on house_Nantucket Coppersmith.webp

Meet the Artist


My deep love for Nantucket and the sea inspires my one-of-a-kind pieces. Each is hand-crafted from 16 to 20-gauge copper and beautifully aged with fresh color and style so that no two are alike.

I am inspired by Nantucket Island’s coastal beauty and abundant marine life. As a Nantucket-based artist, I love to create original copper designs that reflect what makes Nantucket unforgettable. From the shape of our beautiful island to the treasures found on her sandy shores and in her surrounding waters, I find myself constantly wandering in awe and excited to express what I have just seen. A portion of my proceeds supports reputable organizations advancing lasting change to create a healthy ocean.


Much of the copper I use is repurposed from old Nantucket homes adding character while reducing excessive waste. The striking patina on each handmade copper piece is uniquely oxidized to create an authentic weathered look. The process is multi-layered, labor intensive, and can take weeks to complete. There are no molds involved. Time, strength, patience, and creative use of materials are the tools I need to bring to life my vision for each piece. 


Catherine Slattery

CEO Madaket Marine

Heather Unruh's designs have texture and color and a visual depth that results in a unique piece of art that I have not seen created anywhere else. Heather's manipulation of her copper pieces and the addition of patinas make each piece distinctive and hold your attention as they change in different lighting. I have several pieces both in my home and at work, a nod to my love of the ocean and her talent as an artist.” 
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